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27-28 September 2019

Secours Populaire Libanais Hospital Nabatieh

Greetings & welcome

Welcome Letter

Dear Colleagues,

I'm pleased to present the second edition of Libano Live; the Libano Live 2019 that will be held in Nabatieh-Lebanon on September 27-28 2019.

The audio-visual transmission to the auditorium of Rest House-Tyr will be broadcasted from three endoscopic suites located at Secours Populaire Libanaise Hospital Nabatieh and each procedure will be performed by national and international experts that have been selected for their outstanding teaching capabilities.

Nevertheless, the meeting will be shedding a light on many State of The Art lectures covering the latest updates in Endotherapy, Hepatology, IBD, and Gastro-Oncology.

Zaher Houmani, MD

Course Director.

Event / conference schedule


Secours Populaire Libanais Hospital - Nabatieh

Friday 27 September 2019

Welcome and Registration

Speaker: Elia Samaha, MD
Colonic Laterally Spreading Tumors: Cold Snare, EMR or ESD?

Live Session I

Speaker: Majidah Bukhari, MD
Solid Pancreatic Mass: FNA or FNB?

Coffee Break

Live Session II

Speaker: Osama Ebada, MD
Endoscopy for IBD: How Can we Not Miss the Diagnosis Symposium

Lunch Break

Live Session III

Speaker: Asma Alkandari, MD
Creating a CRC National Program: Is It Possible?

Speaker: Iyad Issa, MD
Tips and Tricks for Completing a Difficult Colonoscopy

Coffee Break

Live Session IV

Closure of the Live Sessions

Moderator: Abbas Baher

Speaker: Antoine Geagea
Stelara - Long Term Extension Results Symposium Janssen

Gala Dinner

Secours Populaire Libanais Hospital - Nabatieh

Saturday 28 September 2019

Welcome and Registration

Moderator: Radwan Zahreddine, MD

Speaker: Cecilio Azar, MD
Rapid Control of IBD: Can We Optimise Treatment Symposium Abbvie

Debate Based Video Session:


Ahmed Altonbary, MD

Mohamed El-Nadi, MD

Rami Esmat, MD

Ahmed Galal, MD

Mohammed Khorshid, MD

Assessing Subepithelial Gastric Lesions Prior to resection

Moderator: Geoffroy Vianbervliet, MD

Live Round up

Opening Ceremony

Coffee Break

Speaker: Marc Barthet, MD
Therapeutic EUS, Submucosal Endoscopy and Notes: Time to Leave the Digestive Lumen?

Speaker: Mouin Khashab, MD
POEM From A to Z

Speaker: Ibrahim Mostafa, MD
Managing ERCP Complications




  • Dr. Abdulrahman Alfadda K.S.A
  • Dr. Ali Farag Egypt
  • Dr. Ammar Ghazali Lebanon
  • Dr. Ali Khalil Lebanon
  • Dr. Jean-Christophe Duchmann France
  • Dr. Fayez Sandouk Syria
  • Dr. Geoffroy Vanbiervliet France
  • Dr. Ibrahim Mostafa Egypt
  • Dr. Mahmoud Hallal Lebanon
  • Dr. Marc Barthet France
  • Dr. Mouen Khashab Egypt
  • Dr. Mostafa Ibrahim Egypt
  • Dr. Riad Azar Lebanon
  • Dr. Tarek Saleh Lebanon
  • Dr. Mostafa Ibrahim Egypt
  • Dr. Salah Ezzedine Lebanon
  • Dr. Yasser Shaib Lebanon
Course Director:
  • Dr. Zaher Houmani Lebanon
Course Coordinator
  • Dr. Khalil Bedran Lebanon
Honorary Guests
  • Dr. Elie Makhoul Lebanon
  • Dr. Mansour Nasreddine Syria
  • Dr. Mohamed Azzam Kayasseh Dubai (W.E.O)
  • Dr. Nazir Ibrahim Syria
  • Dr. Raymond Sayegh Lebanon
  • Dr. Walid Abdelkhalek Lebanon
  • Dr. Osama Ebada Egypt
  • Dr. Ahmed Galal Egypt
  • Dr. Ahmed Altonbary Egypt
  • Dr. Elia Samaha Lebanon
  • Dr. Iyad Issa Lebanon
  • Dr. Majidah Bukhari KSA
  • Dr. Mohamad El-Nadi Egypt
  • Dr. Mohammed Khorchid Egypt
  • Dr. Rami Esmat Egypt
  • Dr. Asma Alkandari Kuwait
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